Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 weeksish to go!

Can't believe how fast these last 6 weeks are going! We don't even have the nursery set up yet!
I'm feeling alright. I think the bub is posterior though as I have been experiencing a lot of pressure in the bot area - really really painful! I have been told to do a lot of leaning forward to encourage bub to turn.

My feet look like little pillows.

But, apart from that all is well. I will see my Ob on Wednesday after not seeing him for 4 weeks (business/ holiday). I feel fine so am not guilty about not persuing the Midwife clinic or the GP just to get my BP checked.

I started maternity leave last Friday thank god - I was ready! I caught a cold in the middle of the week and have felt really tired. I popped out to work yesterday to do some catching up on things but, today I took it easy. Bridget went to day care, I went to a cafe and had raisin toast and a decaf latte, read the paper, browsed around the shops for a bit, picked up some parcels from the PO then headed home. Lovely.

When I look at this photo and compare it with the one taken at 34 weeks (a few posts ago), I don't think my belly has gotten any bigger - but, it could be the angle of the photo. It certainly feels heavier! Plenty of movement and plenty of Braxton Hicks, so I feel confident all is well.

Just hoping that the threeish weeks turns into four. Now that I can stand still I am getting my head around the fact there will be another little bub in our lives very soon.

a scary old fellow is Humphrey!

Humphrey was given to Bridget when she was a tiny baby by a well meaning family member. I was a bit taken aback - I mean, he is not cuddly at all is he! So he sat around for a while for appearances sake, then he was tidied up and relegated to the bottom of the blanket hamper.

About a week ago I was pulling some sleeping bags and blankets out of the hamper to wash in preparation for the new baby when B spotted Humphrey. "Who's that?" she asked. I said "That's Humphrey - he's been sleeping in the blanket hamper for a while". She insisted I get him out. She eyed him dubiously but wouldn't hold him. I brought him into the loungeroom and busied myself with what I was doing again when I heard a scared little yell from the loungeroom. Apparently Humprey "hurt" her (B gets scared and hurt mixed up). So, Humphrey was banished to the spare room and the door closed.

Everytime we go into the spare room she eyes Humprey off but won't touch him. I have explained that he is a nice bear etc and gradually he has been let out of the spare room and allowed to sit on the couch.

She still won't touch him though! I don't blame her - he stands about 3 foot tall, has big eyes, a hard shiny nose and is as stiff as a board! Not the kind of fellow you would want to take to bed! apart from the last part but this font is so small you can't read that anyway can you!!

Imagination is the highest kite you can fly....

I have a banner with that saying pinned up in my library at school.

Bridget's imagination has really taken off in the last couple of months. It's just fascinating to watch and be involved in it. She is right into role play. Her favourite role play is to do with dollies. She picks up so much of what is going on with the babies in her Day Care room.

About a month ago she spread a blankie out on the floor in the loungeroom, scavenged around in the bottom of her toy box for some "baby" toys, grabbed her dolly and sat down to have playtime with her. I should have taken a photo but didn't want to ruin the moment by disappearing - she loves an audience these days.

Just a couple of days ago though I was able to catch her having "toilet" time with the dollies. I was wandering round doing things while talking to mum on the phone, so picking up a camera wasn't too much of a distraction - although I only got off a couple of shots before she demanded the camera so she could take photos herself. Miss Independent!!

Here's one of them.

Whilst Happy Dolly was busy on the potty, another dolly (that has no name) is having her bum seriously wiped!