Sunday, September 27, 2009

A busy month!

Hi everyone!
Sorry it has been a while - the post title says it all really.
We have been busy but also having a nice time of it. We are still managing to be very social. It;s easy with a little bub. Things will change once she gets bigger and starts fussing about having naps in the pram.

Things are puffing along pretty well. Bridget is doing great - still keeping us on our toes. She is fully toilet trained during the day now which is fantastic! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

What is hard is the naughtiness and how to deal with it. Rob and I are working on a plan of attack that suits us both. Not that B is naughty all the time though. She just tries it on pretty well in the afternoons especially when she is tired. This afternoon when she walked in after being picked up from daycare she lay down next to Elke on the playgym and promptly bit her on the finger......just for the heck of it!

School holidays are starting soon so I will make sure I have a few girly outings with just the two of us.

A couple of weekends ago we were invited to a friend's parents' farm to see some spring lambs. Bridget loved it. Below is a picture;

Elke has grown out of her baby bath and now has a bath with Bridget - under the supervision of Daddy of course. Elke really enjoys a bath even when her big sister half drowns her with splashes. Look at that gorgeous little fat tum!!

Below is more gorgeousness! A very good friend of mine gave me this outfit when Elke was born. I have been waiting and waiting for her to fit into it. Thanks to a cold snap I got the opportunity last week.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

I have no idea what she weighs or how long she is but I do know she is a happy contented baby. Last night she slept through for the first time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It had to happen....

Just quickly before I give Elke a dream feed - I wanted to share the sad news with you.

After months of sleeping in a big bed Bridget has worked out that she can indeed get out of it :(

Last night she wasn't happy about going to bed in the first place and got up twice. It was infuriating but also a wee bit cute. Each time she got up she came out carrying a pair of slippers, blinking into the bright light and mumbling something incoherent around her dummy about having had a good sleep. What was impressive though was that she got up in the dark, opened her wardrobe really quietly and found a matching pair of slippers in the messy jumble that is her shoe shelf. Hmph! Not likely young lady, back to bed with you!!'

And this morning, an even sadder event - she has worked out that she can get up and come into our bedroom at 6am and get pulled under the covers coz mum it too bloody tired to get up and return her to her bed :(

Ah well, we had a good run. It had to end someday...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Hi there!

Sorry - it's been a while. Been busy busy busy. Elke is doing great. She is just scrumptious and I tell her every day that I could eat her up. She is so laid back and content. She has outgrown her 0000 suits and is well and truly into the 000 clothes now. That was fast. She is getting close to sleeping through, too. She woke at 4am last night and I put the dummy in while I heated a bottle. By the time I got back she was asleep again, so I crept back to bed. She woke me again at 5am so that was pretty good going.

We spent a lovely Father's Day in Bathurst at the All Saints College Spring Fair. Bridget FINALLY overcame her fear of jumping castles and had a great time just before we headed home. Poor chicken is doomed to a life of timidity I think. The last time she got up close and personal with a jumping castle was Australia Day and let's just say that did not end very well at all. I think the whole of Orange, who happened to be in Cook Park that day, heard her tanty and saw two people man-handling a screaming reheaded child out the gate. Not pretty.

She almost didn't get on this one thanks to an over bearing attendant. Bridget does not necessarily like it when strange people grab her under the arms, hoist her onto jumping castles and yell "There ya go love, off ya go and have fun!" Wonder why.... eye rolling smilie here

Bridget has been going really well with toilet training, too. No accidents for a few days now, both at home and daycare. Fantastic! That was relatively painless...phew!

Here is a great photo of Rob and the two girls. Happy Father's Day!! Bridget made him a keyring at daycare which was very cute and he actually uses it! Proud daddy. He also scored a Darrel Lea Dad's bag from Elke and a pair of Maui Jim's from me.

K xox