Friday, April 24, 2009

Canberra Zoo

Last week we took a family trip to Canberra. We had planned to pop in to Cockington Green on the first day but, we arrived way too late for that. Instead we met up with a couple of friends of mine for a cuppa, chat and most importantly for the kids, a play a Monkey Mania. What a fantastic place that is! Bridget loved it and showed uncommon bravery in going down the really big slide twice!

We stayed the night with some lovely friends of ours that we met through Rob's school. The next day we did what we had been wanting to do for years, and that was, visit the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. I must say, Rob and I were pretty impressed. We were able to see more big cats close up than we have ever seen in our times at Taronga or Western Plains (excluding the cougar/ tigers at Dreamworld).

We got to see a tiger being fed, a tiger walking back and forth along a fence about 1 metre from us, a big male lion roaring it's head off then having a smooch with his mate, and a couple of gorgeous snow leopards up quite clese too. The cheetahs were as elusive as always.
Bridget had a great time! It was a great zoo for a kid her age as it is small and enclosures allow close up peeks at the animals. The aquarium was pretty cool. Bridget got to see Nemo and Dory and Gill!! We were blown away by the massive groper!! Heeeeuuuuuge!

Below is a really really brief pic of the groper. Honestly, I've never seen a fish that size before, apart from sharks.

Here are some pics of other, probably more exciting, animals!

The roaring lion

Cute but smelly otters

They have such long tails, snow leopards

Where to after lunch?

Wombat sleeping with it's back resolutely turned towards the pesky public

Red panda having lunch

Tired little chicken

Daddy bought Bridget a gorgeous tiger to cuggle. She was absolutely knackered, and so was I. She was asleep in the car when we got back to Laura and Darren's. I plopped her into her portacot and we both slept for about 3 hours!

I love this photo!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Easter bunny came to our house!

Last Easter was a bit of a non-event for Bridget. For starters she wasn't eating chocolate. She had no clue who the Easter bunny was either.

This year was another story althogether though so I thought I should make an effort.

At her bedroom door I left a little basket

and she followed a trail of small solid eggs up the hallway.

They led to a plush bunny basket holding a book (Spot's First Easter)...

a chocolate bunny...

and a pink bunny!

She thought it was all pretty amazing and ran up to our bedroom with her loot, shrieking "Daddy! Daddy! Easter bunny was here!" She had eaten three of the trail eggs before we even knew it too, the little rat! She lurves choc!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello and welcome!

Hi everyone and welcome to Bridget's long awaited blog!

I am hoping that this will be very handy in keeping family members and friends up to date with what is happening in Bridget's, and her soon to be little sister's life.

I am a bit on the "L" plater side of technology when it comes to blogs but I'm sure I can pretty it up with a gorgeous design and heaps of widgets soon enough.

In the mean time, enjoy a pick of Bridget from earlier this year. I love it!

Notice the texta on her arm? She looooooves drawing.....on anything. She is getting a lot better now, but leave her be with a pack of textas or some whiteboard markers and she will invariably end up with some on her skin.