Sunday, July 4, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

I cannot believe my dear little Elke will be 1 year old in less than a week! It has gone in a flash! She is the sweetest little thing and whenever I look at her I just want to cover her in kisses and cuggle her to death! LOL Still so terribly clucky about her.

Elke and her daddy! I love this photo. This was taken on a day when we were all home sick - the kids, Rob and myself all had a tummy upset which was super fun! :\

Elke has also discovered books. She has a few in her little toy box that she flips through and points at the pictures. In her room she has her night time bottle in the rocking chair. When she is being burped she points at the little book shelf, wanting to have a couple of books read to her at bedtime. Good girl!
Bridget is a great little helper. She gave Elke her bottle one night. Notice the little hand supporting Elke's neck. Notice also the casual relaxed attitude - watching the TV while she is doing it! Such a pro! LOL
Cute little tushie!

She has discovered the plastics drawer. Bridget was banging on about Elke making a mess when I was drying my hair one morning. When I dashed to the kitchen she had bowls and cups out all over the floor having a fantastic time of it. I reminded Bridget that she used to do the same thing, in fact at one stage it was her favourite thing to do. She just looked at me like I was nuts, wondering, I think, why the hell anyone would think it was fun to empty a plastics drawer! Hah
This photo was taken this morning just before we were about to leave for a Christening. Her hair looked pretty with the clip in for about, hmm....5 minutes! LOL It has only been the last few weeks that Elke has started crawling properly on her hands and knees after months of doing a great job at impersonating a fur seal pup. She pulls herself up and plays with things but does not cruise yet. I think she is a long way off walking. But, I have noticed she is ahead of what Bridget was with her verbal skills for the same age. Funny how two kids can be so different given they are brought up in the same house/ conditions.

We are having a little tea party for Elke's birthday with Mother's group friends to help celebrate. I'm looking forward tio catching up with all of the mums :)
Next blog update will be about my gorgeous Bridget xox