Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog catch up #2

We spent Australia Day in Cook Park again with hundreds of others. Really must try to get there extra early next time to beat the queues. It is a lovely event though and the council etc do a great job pulling it together.
Bridget's highlights are illustrated in the photo story below. Enjoy!
A soft serve icecream all to herself!
Drawing/ painting #1
Followed closely by drawing/ painting#2

= satisfaction!

Bridget loves drawing, colouring and painting. Craft of any kind. All of the art and craft gear is out permanently for her to dabble with at whim. She has had a perfect pincer grip right from a very young age (left-handed mind you - not sure where that came from) and she finds it very calming. She takes after her father in that respect. Rob has always got a drawing or painting on the go that he comes back to during quiet times. It's something he does to relax as well as something that provides a necessary creative outlet.


  1. Isn't that interesting. Lovely that they share that self-soothing technique. I can see the concentration and Zen in her little face! Bless :)

  2. Gosh, she's just so beautiful K! <3