Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it 2010 already???

Hello everyone - sorry it has been a while. Xmas preparations and time away has meant a very busy time for us!
We had a lovely Christmas but it is all a bit of a blur now. We did two Christmas dinners the weekend before Christmas - if that makes sense. The first one was for my dad, step-mum Robyn and Aunty Lyn. The second was for Rob's parents and sister Emma. I'm a bit over cooking roast lunches now and am ready to consider the seafood lunch for next Christmas LOL!
We then had Xmas drinks for friends on the Tuesday which was a load of fun. We got to give the new backyard a workout with kids playing and adults lounging in chairs in the outdoor area.
We then headed down to mum's at The Rock on Christmas Eve. Phew. Sounds busy, was busy but, I like busy.

Here are a few photos from the first two family gatherings.

Bridget on her new bike!

Bridget helping me open a present.

Elke in the festive spirit!

Elke not sure what all the fuss is about.

Bridget gave her dummies to Santa! That was all going beautifully until sometime on Christmas morning when she ran into the hot iron at mum's. It got her on her top lip and would have been really painful. She was awfully brave and didn't cry. We had her hold an icy cold wet washer to it for most of the day. It came up in a yucky scab overnight and it was lucky we were able to access medical advice at a chemist on Boxing Day. It's amazing how fast kids heal. All there is now is a pale pink mark which I am putting Bio Oil onto as much as possible.

Anyway, back to the dummies. A combination of the burn, not having a dummy to self-settle for day sleeps and thus being very tired, and lots of new people to get to know as they popped in and out of mum and Doug's place meant that she was an anxious, whiney, clingy mess for 95% of the time we were away. It was hard work for Rob and I. At one point on Boxing Day night we were ready to pack the car and come home, but we ploughed on. Mum loved having both girls with her for a whole week though and it was lovely to see her enjoying them.

Below are some photos taken from our time in Wagga (The Rock).

Bridget and her new sunglasses!
Elke's book from Santa!
The present Santa left for Bridget in exchange for her dummies.
Note the empty plate and glass on the coffee table - Bridget was very excited
to see that Santa enjoyed the cake and milk!!

Bridget in the festive spirit.

The two girls at Wagga Indoor Aquatic Centre!
Note poor Bridgie's lip - the swimming did it wonders though.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Gorgeous! Happy, happy photos of your lovely fam. Poor Bridge and her lip, though :( I particularly love the sunnies shot and Elke going for her book. And your hair looks ACE, K! xxx

  2. Thanks K! Her lip is all better now thank goodness. She was very dramatic about it for a while there. And my hair????? Agh! I just pulled it up in a clip for the day as I had sooo much cooking to do LOL! Promise a glamma shot of my short "do" soon :)